Call center representatives with English/French/German (Full time/Part time)

Posted 3 months ago

Job Overview

We are currently looking for Full Time/Part Time English/German/French customer service representatives. As a Customer Service Rep, you will be the one representing one of world’s premier brands and most exciting products, so you must be very charismatic, you must love talking to people and helping them out and last but not least, you must be
passionate about speed! πŸ™‚

Responsibilities and Duties

β€’ Deals directly with customers by answering to the tickets;
β€’ Responds promptly to customer inquiries and complaints and resolves them accordingly;
β€’ Processes orders, forms, applications and requests;
β€’ Meets the Quality and Productivity standards;
β€’ Records details of inquiries, comments, complaints and actions taken;
β€’ Communicates with other departments, as needed;
β€’ This position reports to the Team Leader/Supervisor.


β€’ Excellent language skills C1 level is preferable: English+ German/French;
β€’ Experience working in the customer service field is not mandatory, but highly recommended;
β€’ Positive attitude, charismatic, highly empathetic;
β€’ Good command of computer skills;
β€’ Flexibility needed- during the race season (March-November) the working hours may vary depending on the location of the race.


Compensations & Benefits

  • Competitive base salary commensurate with experience.
  • Performance bonus program.
  • Fun and engaging benefits during β€œRace Weekends”
  • Flexible work hours.
  • Flexible vacation time from Nov. to Mar.
  • Private medical insurance.

The job is based in Bucharest and conveniently – located near the Dristor station.

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